London Snooker Coach Gary Filtness

Beginners Snooker Coaching

Stephen Kent, Owner of Maximum Snooker Dot Com, taking a snooker lesson with Gary FiltnessNothing is more important than to start out right and avoid picking up bad habits.

Just a few proper coaching sessions with someone who really knows what they're doing, who've been there, done that, and helped many others achieve their potential as snooker players will make all the difference to the beginner's game.

Gary's method of coaching is down to earth and completely results orientated. No time is wasted, he wants to see you succeed.

With individual lessons starting as low as £30 for the under 17s and just £40 for the over 17s, it is never too late to improve your game of snooker significantly and amaze the other players at your club.


Learn From The Best.


Gary Filtness makes no difference between coaching a beginner to improve their game or a world famous professional.

He will treat you with the same respect and there is only one goal - help the individual snooker player improve their game.


"In just ten minutes, Gary Filtness taught me two really useful things which have already changed my game for the better!"

Stephen Kent,

Snooker Coaching - Venues, Pricing & Services

Single lesson for players aged 9-16 - £30

Single lesson for players 17 and over - £40

Snooker coaching packages & discounts available - contact Gary.



Snooker Coaching Venues

- The Grove, Romford
- Upton Park Snooker Centre , East London
- At Gary's home,  Hornchurch, Essex

Other clubs/venues by arrangement.

Snooker Coaching in London & Essex?

Improve your game of snooker - fast.

Contact Gary Filtness here or call UK 07764 149 522 today.