London Snooker Coach Gary Filtness

Professional Snooker Coaching

Snooker professional Tony Meo

Former pro and 1989 British Open champion; Tony Meo says;

"A very nice & genuine guy who played snooker exteremly well, he's a very succesful coach and a great leader."

Gary Filtness has a unique system of diagnosis and improvement covering all aspects of the game.

Contact Gary to discuss your unique requirements, gain an invaluable new perspective.

Snooker Coaching - Venues, Pricing & Services

Single lesson for players aged 9-16 - £30

Single lesson for players 17 and over - £40

Snooker coaching packages & discounts available - contact Gary.



Snooker Coaching Venues

- The Grove, Romford
- Upton Park Snooker Centre , East London
- At Gary's home,  Hornchurch, Essex

Other clubs/venues by arrangement.

Snooker Coaching in London & Essex?

Improve your game of snooker - fast.

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