London Snooker Coach Gary Filtness

Ladies Snooker Coaching


Reanne Evans Snooker PTC2 2011


Gary Filtness takes the view that anyone who loves the game of snooker and wants to improve their game deserves the best coaching possible. Unlike many other coaches, Gary is an experienced ladies- and women's snooker coach and is more than happy to coach ladies and women in snooker in London and Essex.

Snooker Coaching - Venues, Pricing & Services

Single lesson for players aged 9-16 - £30

Single lesson for players 17 and over - £40

Snooker coaching packages & discounts available - contact Gary.



Snooker Coaching Venues

- The Grove, Romford
- Upton Park Snooker Centre , East London
- At Gary's home,  Hornchurch, Essex

Other clubs/venues by arrangement.

Snooker Coaching in London & Essex?

Improve your game of snooker - fast.

Contact Gary Filtness here or call UK 07764 149 522 today.